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    Being allured by a private circle of friends is one of the greatest ammo of our organization We're always on the job, so at the moment we're busy. You have to be an achiever to be selected to be amongst few who adapted your work for our private point of interest, if not, the tank-town simpleton's are always be the once to have planty of time on they hands, talk to them, that would get you distracted from bothering us for a while. We declare Better Base Ban to all who bear naught for personality and/or ambition.

  • "Woe unto you also, ye lawyers." -- Luke 11:46

  • Let's Start this page with reviewing Simple models for life. Everyone have to be discovered , to be born, So there have to be a start, low-breed start or high raise no metter , so to be in this business Your Lord Gene Boi goes into disguise to start as a slop-drudge.
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